[Music] ChetaGod – Free Guy

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ChetaGod - Free Guy

Download ChetaGod – Free Guy Mp3:

ChetaGod, an upcoming artist from Nigeria has come up with another amazing song titled Free Guy,

Am sure you gonna enjoy this song on your playlist,

Listen and download below



Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh,yeah yeah
I feel big in mind,I free in my mind,I like to chill big,i like look big,but no way,no way,all these nigga won’t allow me to go further,further, they don’t like the way i too like it but then they call me,they call me,they do me all they want I don’t want to feel like yeah,uhh yeaaah, yeah,yeah,OK come let do this, let do this,come, innerview,all these they caught my peace of mind,yeah,all these want money,yeah so money took it low,took it low,yeah yeah yeah,I feel so sad(sad) inside(inside)but I don’t know what I do,yeah,what is this(what is this) what is wrong wit these nigga,I don’t know (I don’t know) may dem,they don’t know, but I feel like cause it going on mind,on mind, oh yeah,oh gee oh gee yeah yeah gee, u wanna call it off,I will have to to yeah, boy give me the motherfucking gun I wanna kil loud,kill loud,let just fuck it, cause it just fuck off(fuck off),yeah,I feel big,yeah,I feel big in my mind,i feel free in my mind,I wanna look big,I like to chill big,yeah yeah,but no way,no way,these nigga won’t allow to see peace of mind, ahhn, that’s why i need free mind,that’s why I want free mind free mind,yeah,anyone help me,yeah,I don’t wanna do dat without no skul,you know you re’ a bitch,let the bitch slow,yeah yeah,she go,she go,lest nigga pi** pi**(f**k,f**k)yeah yeah,me and my mens we chilling all day doing all we want, yeah,cause is your fault,yeah yeah,where all these bitches,yeah yeah,all these bitches,yeah,they gat me now

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